About Us

Our Story

At Texas Window, our sole aim is to create better ways of living.
As individuals spend more time indoors, we understand that our work isn’t just about developing better windows and entryways—it’s about opening additional opportunities for how individuals live, work, think, and feel inside a Houston space.

Since the day we opened our entryways some years back as a reputable and trusted lumber company, we’ve searched for approaches to assist individuals with living better. We keep on advancing by increasing present expectations, building quality, excellence, and simplicity into individuals’ regular day to day existence. We design for how individuals live and work, envisioning better approaches to assist them with feeling more beneficial and more joyful in the spaces where they live, work, and play.

A natural connection

Warm daylight, outside air, and a connection with the normal world can immediately change the mood of a home or office. We design our products to make that connection feel consistent—even in the most challenging of spaces.

Thoughtful details

We are committed to design that is as functional and intuitive as it is beautiful. Crafted with exceptional skill, our products deliver quality you can see, touch, and feel, the beauty that brings joy, and performance that stands the test of time.

Pushing boundaries

As opposed to meeting desires, we drive ourselves to lift the standard for greatness. Regardless of whether we’re recreating memorable millwork, building continuous perspectives, or improving energy performance, we search for what we can improve on — and afterward we design it.

An open future

We are driven by a feeling of probability. As necessities change and individuals look for approaches to improve their spaces, we should likewise develop to address these needs in new and unexpected ways. For each advancement, we keep on measuring our success against how well we assist individuals with living happier and healthier lives.

Building community

People are our topmost priority- not just in how we design, but in how we build for the future. We commit to long-lasting and trusting relationships with our employees, customers, partners, and communities, and are there for them when they need us most.