Houston Double-Pane Windows

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All Texas windows are Double Pane Windows! Our twofold sheet windows are produced using 2 twofold quality glass sheets and are forever and hermetically fixed inside an environmentally controlled condition. When the double glass sheets are joined into a solitary unit, we formally call it “protected glass”. Protected glass is the key segment for creating energy effective windows for Houston, Texas.


The individual segment that joins and seals the 2 sheets of glass together is known as the “SPACER SYSTEM”. There is a wide range of kinds of spacers and innovations. As with anything, some Spacer Systems are more dependable and effective than others. Windows are generally vulnerable to energy loss along the border of the glass, where the Spacer is found. The focus of decreasing this energy transfer along this edge is often called “warm edge” innovation.

Less expensive spacer frameworks, similar to those utilized with most aluminum new development windows, frequently fail after some time because of the mechanical casing joints. This low-quality design is related to practically all developer grade items. When the twofold sheet glass seal falls flat, calcium begins to develop between the 2 sheets of glass, forever obstructing your view. The twofold sheet glass units can be replaced however frequently, the glass fix organizations use the same cheap spacer innovation, so they’re bound to fail again. There’s an explanation that a large portion of these types of repairs only come with a 90-day warranty.

At Texas window, our high-quality double pane window technology is the reason for our uniqueness. Most window companies producing cheap windows don’t consider using cheaper technology to keep their pricing a couple of bucks lower. These companies are interested in making a quick sale, they are not concerned about your satisfaction. At Texas window, you’re a client for life and we want our replacement windows Houston homeowners have trusted for years to last!


Seal failures with residential windows are the NUMBER ONE window complaint from consumers. At Texas window, seal failure is simply NOT an option. We build energy efficient windows that are designed to last a lifetime.

Double Pane Windows Insulated Glass

At Texas window, we’ve not to record seal failures when using this fantastic glass. We don’t have a “service department” like most window companies because we design high quality custom vinyl windows! If this is the kind of quality you seek with your windows, don’t hesitate to contact us today!