Special Shape Replacement Windows

Special Shape Replacement Windows

Numerous homes are structured with uncommon molded windows that upgrade a home’s “curb appeal”. At Texas window, we routinely produce unique molded windows for both substitution applications just as standard stock-measuring for new development settings. Exclusively molded windows must be decisively made to fit precisely into openings while doing substitution work. When a house is assembled, we should make substitution windows with the goal that they fit into the current openings. For instance, a few homes consolidate triangle shapes into the dividers on the roof (underneath the shade). These custom shapes frequently follow the roofline so replacement windows for these openings must fit perfectly to match the home.


At the point when specially molded windows are utilized in new development settings, the measuring is normalized. A curve or abnormal shapes are not loaded, notwithstanding, stock windows Houston developers require without curves or unique shapes are available for money and carry purchase. Standard shape and size half round windows or other unique shapes can be produced in the Resolute 4200 and the Elite 5400 Window Series. We also provide Architectural Windows that includes a curve and circular tops or other phenomenal shapes into single hung windows. These exceptionally formed windows are particularly excellent by upgrading the opening with a solitary window rather than two windows, so there is less “frame on frame” and more glass.


All Shaped Windows can be mulled with other Texas windows within the same series, to create beautiful combinations of replacement window styles that are sure to add a new level of style and distinction. Shapes take longer to make, especially if we are matching a custom radius or size, so please allow 3 to 4 weeks to complete complicated custom window designs.

Replacement Windows with Special Shapes

Manufacturing replacement windows with special shapes require technical expertise. It is recommended using professional Texas window installation teams for your window replacement to achieve the highest level of perfection replacement windows Houston area homeowners trust! Not only Texas window build your special window shape to fit properly into an existing opening, but you will have a very expertly trained team to install all your windows. This will reduce the need for extra carpentry during replacement window installations.

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