Property holders looking to improve the performance of their current windows frequently often settle for energy-efficient window substitutions.

Shoppers are progressively becoming mindful of the money related and natural effect of their energy use. With new investigations showing that private structures account for around 20 percent of absolute energy use and carbon dioxide emissions in the nation and that heating and cooling accounts for the biggest energy use in single-family homes, buyers comprehend that updating their windows can hugely affect their home’s operational productivity.

Here are some of the financial benefits of installing energy-efficient window replacements:

1. Energy and cost savings: Introducing Energy efficient windows can keep your home cooler during summer and warmer during winter. This is because energy-efficient windows are designed with superior glazing alternatives for improved insulation, reduce heat transfer by replacing metal frames with vinyl or fiberglass, and generally eliminate any space that allows warm air to escape or cool drafts to enter. It’s also important to select the right energy-efficient windows for your area, based on the R-value. R-value is a measurement of a window’s ability to resist heat flow. For homes in much cooler climates, choosing windows with a higher R-value will help to ensure warmer temperatures inside your home during the cold periods.

2. Return on investment through resale

Substituting old windows can bring a better return on the initial investment (ROI) in both the short term and the long term. If you intend to live in your current home for a couple of years, the cost of installing new energy-efficient windows that last for 10 years+ – and come with a lifetime warranty – will be recovered in due time owing to the savings in energy bills and zero cost of maintenance and repairs. Replacing your old windows with new, vinyl or wooden window replacements can give you a return on investment of up to 95 percent. So, if you are considering selling your home, upgrading your windows can increase its resale value.

3. Qualification for energy rebates and tax incentives

New window installations are expensive. While homeowners may be aware of the benefits of energy-efficient replacements, the huge initial cost may be a stumbling block. The good news is, many provincial and territorial agencies provide several rebates and credits to cater for the installation cost.

  • Efficiency PEI – It’s the Building Envelope Upgrade Rebate offered for the installation of Energy Star windows and doors.
  • Gazifere – This program provides financial assistance to low-income households to encourage the use of energy-efficient programs. The program pays $5 per square foot of Energy Star certified door or window replacement, up to $500 per residence.
  • Revenue Quebec – This is a short term refundable tax credit to persuade households to invest in green and/or energy-efficient home renovation work, including the replacement of windows, doors, and skylights with Energy-efficient certified products.
  • Energy Efficiency Houston – This Home Improvement Rebates program encourages homeowners in Houston to work with participating contractors to improve the energy efficiency of their homes by using Energy-efficient certified products to upgrade their windows, improve insulation, or install tankless water heaters. These upgrades are offered at amazing discounts.
  • Get your energy-efficient window replacements today

You can start enjoying the economic benefits of energy-efficient window replacements immediately by simply replacing single-pane windows with double- or triple-pane windows. If you live in colder climates, choose gas-filled windows with low emissivity coating to further reduce heat loss – and reflect UV radiation during summer. 

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