Double pane windows often referred to as double glazing, have long been the go-to window solution for improving thermal insulation in homes and buildings. 

For all the benefits that double pane windows have brought, such as lower energy consumption, homeowners have long been faced with another problem that fails after a few years. The bane of double pane windows is Fogging.

You can solve the problem by using cheap and temporary, to expensive and permanent. But before we look at how to make your foggy windows shine again, we need to look at how they are designed in order to understand the nature of the problem of fogginess.


Double pane windows consist of a window frame and an Insulated Glass Unit. Insulated Glass units are sold as sealed units. They consist of two panes of glass separated by spacers and sealed around the edges. The spacers are often loaded with a desiccant that absorbs condensation. The space in between the panes of glass is usually filled with an inert gas- a poor conductor of heat. The size of this space is the biggest factor that determines the level of insulation that the panel would provide.


Insulated glass units usually have a lifespan of 10-25 years before they start fogging up. IGUs with longer warranties, in the 20-year range, will be less likely to fail earlier than those with shorter warranties. Obviously, the ones with longer warranties will be costly, but the higher cost will be entirely justified in areas with big temperature differences between summer and winter.

You can’t do much in preventing Foggy windows. By the time they start showing signs of fogging up, their seals are probably already worn out. A bit of condensation in between the panes of glass is usually a sign that the desiccant is saturated. This saturation occurs when the seals that are designed to keep moisture out and the inert gas in, is no longer functioning as expected.


There are a few things you can do about your foggy windows, ranging from very cheap to costly. Ultimately, replacement would be unavoidable, but having a few more alternatives will at least save you some time. Let’s have a look at the most and least expensive options:

Least expensive option: If living with the foggy window is okay by you, it’s advisable to leave it. It will still have about half of the insulation value of a new IGU, which is still better than for single-pane windows.

Most expensive option: Change the IGU. The most common way to repair foggy double pane windows is not to clean it, but to substitute it with another one. This can be expensive unless the failed IGU is still under warranty.  Going for the new one is better because of its crystal clear IGU and better thermal insulation.

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